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Here in Massachusetts, it’s only during our harsh winters that we get a little jealous of Florida.  But it’s summer, baby!  My New England body temp would melt in the Sunshine State.   It takes a warm spirit to be a Floridian; like Jennifer!  Jennifer owns a gorgeous boutique in Tampa, FL where she resides.  She has mastered living an eco-friendly life and can help you master it, too, by reading her blog!  Let’s get the low-down from my fellow east-coaster.
A:  Jennifer, tell us how living in Florida is different from other states.


J:  Florida is definitely different from any other state as our “winters” are gorgeous and we never have to shovel snow.  Can you go to the beach on Christmas Day anywhere else?  [It] may not be everyone’s idea of Christmas, but I love it!  Florida can also be a very transient state, which definitely attracts the crazy.  You might notice us in the news a lot for ridiculous stories, but what can you do, there is crazy everywhere!
A:  Oh, I know.  Up here in Mass we have plenty of it!  In your eyes, describe a perfect Florida day.
217024_593793337306054_857625355_n J:  I love Tampa.  It’s such a sweet little gem!  I live right near Bayshore, which is about a 5 mile walk along the bay where you will always find many people running, riding bikes, walking their pup (you can always catch my pup Tika and I out there) and just enjoying the outdoors.  If you live in Florida, chances are you enjoy the beach.  To be able to head over to St. Pete or Clearwater in 20 minutes and spend my weekend where people from all over the world come to vacation, see our gorgeous beaches and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico, is pretty sweet!  It’s a great
vibe here.  I love my city and I love my state. 🙂
A:  Jennifer, you are such a busy-bee who has a lot going on!  But before we get to that, I’d love to hear about your blog and green outlook on life.
970964_596808917004496_1241705294_nJ:  My blog, Arjuna Boutique, is where I like to share any helpful product and skin care information for my clients and readers.  I am actually hoping to expand [it] to more of a lifestyle blog so I can include skincare tips as well as green lifestyle tips, style tips, etc.  Some people consider my lifestyle “extremely green”, but it is such a part of who I am and so normal for me, that I couldn’t imagine living any other way.  Living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle… gives you time to focus more on what matters in life.  I never get sick, I’m always full of energy and I know that by being conscious of what I consume and how I live will leave a smaller carbon footprint than most.  Some people like to taunt me with the whole “well, the world is going to shit” theory, but what can I say, I’m an optimist.  I live the lifestyle because it makes me feel good internally and externally, not because of what is trendy or hot at the moment. 
A:  There are more optimists than you think!  We should stick together.  So, I 
have fallen in love with every item in your boutique, tell us how it got started.


J:  My boutique, 
Arjuna Living, was started when I relocated here to Tampa.  I always knew I would have my own business someday, as I come from a father with an insane work ethic.  [He] is the most successful, self-made man I know.  I’m a busy body [who] actually enjoys working and can’t stand to be bored.  I decide what to bring in [to the boutique] by the style here in Tampa, which is very pretty, flowy, relaxed and beachy.  All the skin care, perfumes, make-up, etc, are always tested by me first and then decided on according to the ingredients, ethics, image and overall philosophy of the company.  My biggest philosophy here is shopping with purpose.  Pretty, meaningful and unique finds for you and your loved ones!
A:  For curvy ladies, like myself, is Arjuna Boutique thinking of carrying plus sizes?
J:  Certainly! Plus sizes are definitely something I have actually started looking into, so stay tuned!
A:  It’s that time: the most important question in the world.  What’s your favorite movie?
J:  My favorite movie is Boondock Saints.  Not only do I love the plot, but you certainly can’t beat the eye candy.  I love bad boys.
A:  Boondock Saints is also one of my favorites!  (Rocco in particular). Haha!  Jennifer, it’s been a blast.  I wish you the best of luck with your business.
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GEORGIA is right around the corner!
In case you missed them…


Connecticut:  A state that I’ve been to a thousand times.  BUT, that doesn’t mean I know every single resident.  Finding someone I didn’t know was effortless and I couldn’t have found anyone sweeter!  Nyree is from Derby, CT — the smallest town– and she was a really good sport!  I nagged this poor woman for days to get her answers in, hah!  It’s ok, she loves me.  Nyree actually hails from Florida, but she’s been a Connecticut babe since 2005.  She writes, “I needed a change from the craziness that is south Florida.”

Let’s meet this Connecticut Mom!


A:  So, Nyree, how is living in Connecticut different from any other states?


N:  Connecticut has unpredictable weather and beautiful season changes… People come here from all over the country during autumn.  We have the best scenery and different types of trees, so the colors are amazing!   When I lived in Florida, we basically had two seasons: summer from April to October, and then a “Florida winter”.  I had quite a culture shock when I moved to CT.  I quickly found out that people get married right out of high school, go to college, have kids, and they go to church.  This was all kinda foreign to me because south Florida is all about partying.

A:  Nyree, besides Florida being crazy, why did you move to CT?


N:  I decided that I needed a better area to raise my daughter.  My mother moved to CT in 2004, so it worked out perfect.  I came up for a visit in July 2005, and really liked it up here.  About two months later, I made the move.  It’s was the best decision I’ve ever made.

A:  Nyree, my darling, tell us about your career!

N:  I work in the Customer Services Dept for a water company.  I’ve been there for almost 8 years.  I love working for my company [because] we do a lot for the environment and our communities.  I’m hoping to get my kids involved this year, as well.  I really enjoy volunteering and I feel that it’s important to get involved.

A:  Connecticut is a beautiful state!  If Americans were to visit, what should they see first?


Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

N:  When someone visits CT, I try to get them over to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History [or] to Mystic for shopping [and attractions].  If it’s summertime, then we’ll probably go to the local amusement parks & the state parks.  It’s beautiful here, anytime of year!

A:  I loooooove Mystic!  Describe your perfect day in CT.

N:  The perfect day in Connecticut is usually that first really warm day in spring.  Especially after a long winter.

A:  That goes for me, too, here in Massachusetts!   So, what hobbies take up Nyree’s time?38903bd3-1d30-48ea-a0c3-dab9d2336cfd

N:  My main hobby, and most expensive hobby, is traveling!  I’ve been to Europe, but I was 17, which was 100 years ago!  I absolutely love art and especially tattoos.  There are few things that I “geek out” about [and] the tattoo world is one of them… This year, I’m hoping to take up archery with both of my daughters.  They are 10 and (just about) 6.  We love going to amusement parks and hiking at the state parks here in Connecticut.  Oh, and I also “geek out” about music and movies.  Watching movies really takes me to another place.

A:  That is a perfect segway to the most important question in the universe!  What is your favorite movie?

N:  I have many, many favorite movies.  It’s so hard to pick just one.  I’ll have to go with The Goonies, though.

A:  That’s a more than acceptable choice!  (I totally had a crush on Corey Feldman).   Nyree, I want to thank you for sharing yourself with the readers and I!  I hope you have a killer summer with your girls!

Stay tuned for Michael from Delaware next week! 

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