Day 10: A Tribute to Genius Comedy Writing


Two slacker friends try to promote their public-access cable show. (

TA-DAAHHH!!!! Number one has arrived! It was truly a hard choice to make, but Wayne’s World is a classic in my book. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are a delight in this SNL-inspired flick filled with grunge, dorkiness, good music and men who are imbeciles; my favorite.

Why Wayne’s World? Well, besides all obvious reasons, Wayne’s World and I have a history. One summer, when I was about 8 years old, my sister, my brother and I watched Wayne’s World EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I kid you not. But one day in early August, we switched out W.W. for The Flintstone’s starring John Goodman. Big mistake…

The house got broken into…

While we were still home.

Thanks to my sister’s loud mouth and startling scream, the guy booked it and peeled out of the driveway. I stood there in my giant Mickey Mouse t-shirt watching the cops examine the premises. The tire marks clearly displayed that the felon headed west, but I overheard an officer predict east. Massachusetts’ finest, ladies and gentlemen.


Needless to say, we watched W.W. for the remainder of the summer. With that, I give you the scene in which I call, “Product Placement”. It’s writing is superb.

Booooo!!!! My countdown has officially come to an end. Let us look back on it with nostalgia >insert dreamy sigh and uplifting music<:

10. Everybody Loves Raymond
9. What About Bob
8. The Office
7. Uncle Buck
6. Seinfeld
5. Friends
4. Anchorman
3. The Chappelle Show
2. Dumb and Dumber
1. Wayne’s World

What shall my next blog be!?!?! You’ll have to wait and see. —Ew, I just rhymed.

I hope my countdown has opened your eyes, not only to great movies, but to the art of comedic writing. And thank you, readers, for helping Alessandra Speaks break the 5,000 view mark. I leave you with….Bohemian Rhapsody…


Day 1: A Tribute to Genius Comedy Writing

HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR!!!! I decided against posting a blog dedicated to New Years because, well, no one would be home to read it. Hah!

Today’s topic most likely stems from my obsession with writing and laughing–sometimes simultaneously… Ok, always simultaneously. I’m laughing right now as I type.

I’ve lost my mind.


Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show and there’s this one scene, or one line, that has gone beyond your expectations? If it’s a comedy, it might make you laugh so hard that you pee a little…Oh, does that not happen to anybody else?

But it’s not just about having a severe emotion evoked onto you; genius writing comes out best in the simplest moments. One little line or one short response that makes you say, “Wow, I wish I could write like that.”

So, I’d like to introduce an Alessandra Speaks FIRST! My compulsive list-making will now be spread across 10 days. Each day will reveal the next on the list of my 10 Day Tribute to Genius Writing.

Let the list begin!


“It never stops for successful sports writer Ray Barone, whose oddball family life consists of a fed up wife, overbearing parents, and an older brother with lifelong jealousy.” (


For me, watching Everybody Loves Raymond is like watching my own family on TV. It was very difficult to pick just one scene, but I’m very  happy with my choice. In this clip, the men (Ray, Robert and Frank) are doing something they shouldn’t be…

And if you’re in love with this show like I am, make sure to check out “Tribute to Frank Barone” and “Robert thinks he’s black” on YouTube.

Come back tomorrow for #9 of the countdown! Or you could just sit there and stare at the beautiful blog I designed for the next 24 hours.


Your comedy-obsessed YouTuber,