I’m excited this week because I got to learn the inside scoop about a state I’m visiting THIS SUMMER!  Woooo!  Colorado here I come — but this isn’t about me, (for once).

Amanda is a rare gem!  She’s quirky, pretty and passionate about life, but also, she did something I have not done: SHE LEFT THE EAST COAST!  Amanda is a hybrid of with a Connecticut/Rhode Island background who fell in love with CO and was determined to move there.  CT and RI are still mourning her loss, I’m sure.


Q:  Amanda, tell us a little about where you live.


“This is my main squeeze Marley, I have had this amazing dog since he was 8 weeks old and he is definitely a Colorado mountain dog!! He loves the water, snow, hiking and chasing squirrels!”

A:  My name is Amanda and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  A lot of people in the Denver area hate on the Springs — so yeah, it doesn’t have the best music scene — but that’s what makes going to Denver fun!  Haha!  What Colorado Springs has that Denver lacks, is the immediate access to the mountains or any outdoor trail!  That is why I’m here, to be outside and in this natural beauty! The mountain range in Colorado Springs is Pikes Peak and it’s unique because it stands alone and is not part of the Rocky Mountain chain. The city of Colorado Springs is on its foothills so there’s nothing but fun to be had outside!  🙂

Q:  It sounds beautiful; and also like somewhere I’d roll my ankle.  I’m a klutz.  Hah!  So, give us the scoop on your career and passions in life.

A:  Currently I am a food server in a local brewery… however I am hoping to change my occupation to something more fulfilling.  I have a love and passion for animals, wildlife, nature and yoga.  A dream of mine is to have my own rescue ranch for dogs, to give them a safe loving environment to live their awesome lives!  Yoga has always been in and out of my life but now it is a big part of my life! I can’t wait to go through yoga teacher training to really deepen my practice and help spread the yoga love around! 

Q:  Amanda, why exactly did you move to Colorado so far from your family?

A:  I visited Vail, CO  when I was in high school on a summer trip with my mom and I just fell in love.  I was in awe at how incredible the mountains looked, and how small I felt.  It made me see that there is more to life than the rat race that is the east coast.  There is wonder and beauty in these quiet mountains…  As much as I miss my family pretty much all of the time,  I’m just a country mouse who likes to be near the mountains!  A lot of my friends here are natives and have barely been anywhere else.. They can’t imagine leaving.  That says something!

"One of my favorite hikes in Green Mountain Falls, this is Catamount Reservoir"

“One of my favorite hikes in Green Mountain Falls, this is Catamount Reservoir”

Q:  You’re right!  I can’t wait to see Colorado!  What’s your favorite thing about your beautiful state?

A:  My favorite thing about Colorado is that people smile here.  Obviously there are always unhappy unsmiling people, but for the most part, people are so nice, they smile when walking past, even say ‘hi’!  I think it has a lot to do again with the beauty that pretty much surrounds them all the time.  I could be in a bad mood but… as I look at our Pikes Peak mountain with the sky always changing it just makes my heart and soul happier.

"This is right up the street from my house, my normal drive to work."

“This is right up the street from my house, my normal drive to work.”

Q:  In your opinion, what would a perfect day in Colorado be like?

A:  A perfect day in Colorado is waking up super early with my pup, getting together with a group of friends and their furry creatures and driving a couple of hours west into the mountains.   Destination: Cottonwood Pass.  We then take an amazing hike at over 11,000 feet in elevation, feeling on top of the world.  Down the road is a natural hot springs so yeah we then relax and soak all while watching the sunset.  If we were lucky, a little nightlife consisting of some live bluegrass jams!  Dang! I’m gonna do that soon!!

“Marley at the top of Cottonwood Pass, lovin life!”

Q:  For anyone who is thinking of visiting Colorado, what are some places we MUST visit?

A:  If you were to visit, I would say to definitely hit up a show in Denver.  If it’s in the summer, go to Red Rocks Amphitheater for whatever music you are into, such a great venue!!  Then head south to Colorado Springs and check out our Garden of the Gods park.  Pikes Peak Highway is a must!  You will be at over 14,000 feet and to the west you see the Rocky Mountains and to the east the plains of Kansas!  Definitely prepare for this and hydrate, it’s easy to get altitude sickness at such a high height, so hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE!  Oh! And come in September/October for the beautiful colors of the Aspen trees!

Q:  Amanda!  You’re like my personal tour guide!  I love it!  You are an interviewer’s dream.  Before we finish up, I must ask the most important question in the universe:  What is your favorite movie?

A:  Gosh, my favorite movie? I certainly don’t have just one so…
‘We bought a zoo’
‘Almost Famous’
‘Into the Wild’
And almost any Jim Carrey movie. (Ace Ventura’s, Liar Liar, Yes Man, the Grinch, the Mask)

Q:  Good choices.  I think most of America on my blog-journey so far LOVES Ace Ventura.  Tell my readers how they can find you!

A:  You can find me on Instagram.  I’ve been really into these yoga challenges the past two months, and I incorporate beautiful Colorado scenery with my daily pose.  It’s great, check it out!  I was actually picked as one of the winners for April’s #yogafools challenge!!  So much fun, I LOVE it!!  Check my pictures out at @mountainflower

Amanda was a blast!  I’m sooooo ready for my Colorado visit in August.  Make sure to check her out; her photos are GORGEOUS!


Yasmin: Alabama
Robert: Alaska
Reynell: Arizona
Stephanie: Arkansas
Christopher: California

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  1. Logan Patricks
    May 22, 2013 @ 22:58:46

    That gives me some good ideas where I should go for my next wilderness adventure =). Time to get out of this blasted concrete jungle.

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