The voyage continues!  This week I bring you a lovely woman from North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Her name is Stephanie, 22,  and not only does she kick ass at photography, but she kicks even bigger ass at being freakin’ adorable.

I must say, I’m quite jealous of Stephanie!  She’s young, gorgeous and gets to travel all over with a creative career.  She tells me, “I’ve been to Haiti, the Smoky Mountains, Virginia and New York all in 4 months!”  Stephanie, you lucky bitch, in the past 4 months I think I’ve made it from my front door to the mailbox.

Joking aside, anyone who likes Netflix and Harry Potter is on my friends’ list.  And so, I have acquired an Arkansas buddy!  Let’s get to know her…

Stephanie Parsley Photography

A:  So, Stephanie, is photography your dream career?  How did you get started?

S:  Well, when I was little I think every girl wanted to be a veterinarian or a movie star, but photography is definitely my dream career.  I wake up every morning and edit, watch tv, edit, go to a photo shoot, edit, cook dinner and edit some more.  I make my own schedule and I determine how much money I want to make.  That’s a dream come true for me… I got started my freshman year of college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  My roommate was gorgeous and said to me, “Hey, I like being in pictures!” and I replied, “Well, I like taking pictures!”  So we drove to Eureka Springs with my $250 camera from Wal-Mart and did my first ever photo shoot… And believe it or not, it’s still one of my favorite [shoots] after doing 480 [others].

A:  I’d like to first state that when I was little it did want to be a movie star… and I still do.  Hah!  How would you describe your best day ever?

“I make my own schedule and I determine how much money I want to make. That’s a dream come true for me… “

S:  My best day ever would be to have absolutely NOTHING to do (a girl can dream, right?) and it would be springtime here in Arkansas and I would be relaxing with my boyfriend and our families.  [There’s] nothing like “on a beach with a drink in my hand”.  I just want to be in beautiful weather here in this beautiful state, outside, light music playing in the background and enjoying the smell of some food being cooked on a grill.  That would be a perfect day.

A:  I swear, my mouth started watering and I could smell burgers on the grill!  I think every American can agree that you’ve described the best day ever.  Just add in winning $500,000.  So! Let’s learn about your state.   You grew up in Arkansas, how would you describe it to someone who isn’t from there?

Stephanie Parsley Photography

 S:  Yes ma’am.  I would describe it as “all in one”.  We have mountains, trees, rivers, streams, fields, lakes, urban cities, farms, dry desolate areas with nothing but dirt for miles.  We really just have it all.  Oh, and some people complain about the weather always changing (for example, in Arkansas it can be 70 one day and 32 the next) but I like it.  Makes things interesting. 🙂

A:  Oh, girl!  You’re talking to the queen of random weather changes.  Come to New England! Haha, it definitely makes things interesting.  What do you love most about Arkansas?
S:  I love the weather and the scenery.  Everything is so beautiful here, especially at sunset.  [Plus], I can go down the street and find a beautiful green field with willow trees and then go 10 miles down the road and find some awesome urban locations.

A:  I was skeptical at first, but once you mentioned a field of willow trees, I was sold.  I have to visit!  (Secret Alessandra fact: I freakin’ love willow trees).  If I come to AR, where should I go to get the Arkansas experience?

S:  One of my favorite places to visit in Arkansas is Eureka Springs.  It’s amazing there and is home to one of the most haunted hotels in the US!

Stephanie Parsley Photography


A:  (Secret Alessandra fact #2: I love haunted places).  Now, I have a bit of a Rhode Island accent, so if I come to AR I need to fit in.  Do y’all have certain sayings? (Can’t believe I just said y’all).

S:  Haha! Well, “y’all” is pretty much the big one or “fixing to”.  i.e. Instead of us saying, “I am about to send you these images,” some of us say, “I am fixing to send you these images.”  It’s funny to type, but normal to say for people around here, haha!

Stephanie being her gorgeous self.

Stephanie being her gorgeous self.

A:  Well, I’m fixin’ to ask: where can my readers find your work?

S:  Readers can find me at:
Facebook: Stephanie Parsley Photography
Instagram: stephanieparsley
Twitter: stephaniephotog

A:  Beautiful!  One last question that must be answered: what is your favorite movie?
S:  My favorite movie is Ace Ventura Pet Detective.  It never gets old to me.
However, I have SO many favorites.  I’m a nerd and love Harry Potter! ❤
A:  Perfect choices!  You have passed the ‘suitable movie choice’ test.  Stephanie, it has been a blast!  Thank you for inviting me into your world.
S:  You’re so welcome!  By the way, I love your blog and I love what you’re doing! Very creative!58171_638868702793791_661721311_n
Isn’t she a doll!?  Make sure to check her out!  The photos I posted here are just a few of many gorgeous pictures.  It was hard only to pick a few!!
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Alessandra has spoken.

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