MEET AMERICA campaign moves ahead with ALASKA!

Robert is from Anchorage, Alaska and surprisingly isn’t as pale as Winona Ryder in Beetle Juice as I expected.  I don’t know a thing about Alaska except for that it’s cold and far away, but one thing’s for sure, Alaska has plenty of outdoor activities and sights to see.  Let’s learn about Robert first…

Robert is a good American man.  He enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, fixing iPhones, and best of all, playing old school video games.  He currently doesn’t have a career, but works two full-time jobs as a night stocker and for Dominos.  I’ve been on the two-job grind before.  I think Robert needs a vacation.

Future plans?  Robert hopes to go to college to be a mortician. [Say what!?] Yes, a mortician.  After finding that out, my demented thought process asked him what he looks for in a woman.  What does that say about me!? Hah, to which Robert replied, “…someone with a good personality and who likes to have fun, also has to be more than skin and bones.”  Amen, to the skin and bones comment.

So, I found my Alaska friend!  Now it’s time to learn about Alaska…

A: Describe a typical Alaskan. i.e. sayings.

R: I really don’t think we have too many sayings, but I see a lot of people wearing “Alaska grown” hoodies or bumper stickers that say “Alaska girls kick butt”.
A: Alaska must have more pride that Massachusetts because no one around here sports “Mass Girls Kick Butt”.  Is there anything you love and/or hate about Alaska?
R: I love that we have only two seasons, summer and winter, but I hate how expensive things are here.  If you pay 5.99 in Washington then you pay 8.99 here.
A: If I were to come to your state, where should I go to eat and have fun? 
R: Humpy’s to eat, and for fun, you can go sight-seeing.  One thing you have to do in Alaska that’s fun is our Alaska state fair at the end of August.
A: To a New Englander, like me, I think of AK as an ongoing landscape of snow. Kind of like ‘north of the wall’ in Game of Thrones.  Is there anything about AK that us ‘southerners’ don’t know?  
R: Well, for starters I get a lot of questions when I travel, “Do you live in an igloo?” Nope, I don’t, but people do in other towns. “Do you ride a polar bear to work?” No, I just get out my dogs and connect them to a sled.  And last but not least my favorite, “Have you ever peed outside and had it freeze before it hits the ground?” Yes, once it was negative 76 degrees and it froze. LoL

A: I’m really hoping the dog sled thing is true and not sarcastic.  That is so awesome!  Do you guys have an accent?


R: Not really unless you’re a native.
A: Does living in AK make 40 degrees seem like a sauna? 

R: Nope, not really, I’ve travelled a lot so 40 just seems normal, although I go outside naked around 60 degrees.
A:  Yeah, me too. 🙂  Do you have any questions for me living in the MA/RI area?

R: Not really, I’ve always wanted to visit Rhode Island, though.

A: Interesting choice for a destination, but Providence is BEAUTIFUL!  Just be ready for terrible drivers and pot holes that could bury a truck.  And, I ask everyone, what’s your favorite funny movie?

rob2R: Out Cold, Hot Tub Time Machine or 21 Jump Street


I’m going to pretend that ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ wasn’t listed.  Just erase that from your memory.

I want to thank Robert for sharing a little slice of his life with us.  This interview just scratched the surface, Robert is a really funny guy!  You can check him out on Instagram: Losthogwart

Keep your eyes peeled for Reynell from ARIZONA in a few days!


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