Day 8: A Tribute to Genius Comedy Writing

Dear, Lord! It’s 6:52 AM here on the east coast. I am scrambling on the commuter rail (train) to hold my lap top steady and write this for you all. Disclaimer: forgive me for any typos, sentences that make no sense, or for an unusually short post. Not only did I wake up at 5AM, but this train isn’t very comfortable and there’s a 40 year-old man that’s been staring at me for 20 minutes. He hasn’t even blinked.

AHHH, he just blinked!

Anyway, let’s get to business before Mr. 40 thinks I’m giving eyes at him. 😉

Today is a good day! I’m going into Boston to start filming a webseries I wrote for DogToon Media! AND I get to share with you my #3 out of 10 on my countdown—I know you’ve all been waiting for…


Comedian Dave Chappelle hosts this sketch-comedy show that parodies many of the nuances of race and culture. (

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we miss Dave Chappelle. Why he disappeared from television, we’ll never know.  I just hope that he comes back.

So, for today, I’m BEYOND excited to share with you, what I call, “Plead the Fif”. It speaks for itself:

Fun fact: I added this into the countdown only a few days ago! I can’t believe I almost missed it. If you want to know what Chappelle took the place of on the countdown, tweet me!

Home stretch!!!!! Tomorrow brings #2! Hint: it’s my favorite movie of all time and I recite it in my sleep. See you soon!


Alessandra the Train Wreck


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