Day 6: A Tribute to Genius Comedy Writing


The lives, loves, and laughs of six young friends living in Manhattan. (

It’s true, I’ve spent full days watching Friends while eating potato chips. Hundreds of favorite scenes came to mind, such as Ross in Leather Pants or Chandler stuck in the Vestibule. But, we all love Joey, and so naturally he is the star of this one: Everyone is getting dressed up for one of Ross’ functions, but no one is ready in time. Chandler hides Joey’s underwear as a prank, so Joey leaves claiming, “I’m going to do the opposite to you!” (Youtube isn’t letting me embed this one, so you have to click on its link)

I’m glad that I totally ignored all of the objections from my GUY friends about adding Friends to the list. What it is with men and admitting they love this show!? Complain with all your might, you still laugh and enjoy the show when I refuse to change the channel.

*Request from my parents: their favorite Friends scene is when Joey finds out his tailor has been measuring him wrong all along. Enjoy.

We’re in the home stretch!! I’ll give you a hint for what tomorrow will bring: #4 on the countdown takes place in a particular decade and involves a news station and a panda.

See you in 24 hours!


Mrs. Ross Geller


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