No White After Labor Day?! Nah.

Last night I was celebrating the Labor Day weekend with a bunch of friends around the bonfire.  We were only about 2 hours in before someone asked why the “no white after Labor Day” rule started…heck, that might’ve been me that said it.

Everyone had their own answer.  My boyfriend, “It was just some stupid guy that had a bad day and said ‘no white after today’.” Not so profound, but possible! Others just assumed it was a meaningless fashion rule.  I was the one to end the confusion, now that I’m a proud member of the smart phone elite, because I Googled it on my Android!

First, I had to  filter through about 5 sites of nonsense, such as and Yahoo answers, which was just filled with random people bashing the rule instead of answering the question. Then, I finally found an article on it…leave it to TIME magazine to have the answers.

There’s a few speculations about the rule. First let it be known that no one actually knows the reason for the anti-white-wearing usage, but there are some theories. The first being that back in the day, white was only worn during the summer because it’s the coolest clothing and provided ventilation. That is the most boring theory of them all. If that’s the true one, I’d be very disappointed.

The second theory is what most of us suspected: it’s a temporary fashion rule–only this one stuck. Dilemma: fashion “rules” are always being created, but they usually only last for a season, not a lifetime.  Not to mention, the majority of America does not follow them. Have you seen What Not To Wear?!?! Therefore, I don’t buy this theory. Fashion is an ever-changing cycle, not  a fixed one. Thank, God. It would be so boring otherwise! My purple legging outfit would’ve never happened, ask my cousin.

The last and most believable, is the Wealthy Theory.  After a summer of wearing white to keep cool, the fall would bring back dark clothing for work. Most of the working class would wear black, brown or navy. The only people who would be caught wearing white after the summer, were the wealthy. If you had enough money, you didn’t have to work or participate  in things that would dirty your clothes. Lucky you. So, if you were part of the working class, you would never wear white after Labor Day because you’d look like a snob. Sounds about right. Good ol’ judging other people by the way they look is always most probable.

But times have changed!! So I did some research, and by research I mean 5 minutes on Google again. Turns out, although some fashionistas still follow the Labor Day rule, it is no longer considered mandatory. The days of no-white-wearing are over! I found a cool article on here.  It explains that when fall comes around, change your fabrics, not your colors! Plus, wearing crisp white clothing during the winter looks ravishing. I agree! I love to wear white. There’s something about it that makes me feel comfy. Like when you get to sleep in your new fabric-softner-smelling sheets. Not only that, but I’m clearly an angel, so white is just appropriate for me.

So you’ve heard it here first!!!…or 5th. Maybe 20th. But No White After Labor Day is over! Enjoy you’re day off, where ever you are, and treat yourself to some white shopping. Just remember: no all-white outfits allowed and no white to weddings, unless you’re the bride! Then again, who follows rules anyway?

Heck, this is what I’m wearing today.


Your rule-breaking Snow White,



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  1. Posky
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 03:19:19

    Yeah, fight the power!

  2. lynnjake
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 22:22:08

    Where grew up it was just no white shoes after Labor Day unless they were Spectators. Those beauties were acceptable any time of year. Even though anything goes these days, I still would not wear white shoes after Labor Day. Looks tacky to me. Or maybe I just think white shoes look tacky at any time…unless they’re tennies. Maybe I”m just clueless.

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