Going Green Isn’t THAT Hard!

I’m no Green Expert, but since I began college I’ve tried to expand my knowledge on it–that was 4 years ago! What have I learned?!

Well, 4 years of being a college student in the city–my beautiful Boston–taught me that school didn’t  leave much time for finding the one recycling can in town or rallying in the streets for more of them. Therefore, I did some quick research on my down-time to find easy ways to, yes, better Mother Earth, but more importantly to save on MY bills and boost my pride and Egosystem. Lame eco-system pun intended.

So, I made a list for all of the college student-, project doing-, busy parent-, couch potato-, Cheeto eating-people out there. I titled it…


  1. Buy the $1 reusable grocery bag! They hold WAY more and they won’t break on the way back to your apartment.
  2. Can’t swing the $1 bag? Really, now? Well, when I didn’t have one, I’d save all my plastic Shaw’s bags. They make good trash bags for little waste baskets and help contain the germs from mounds of used Kleenex when I’m sick. Also, almost every grocery store has a box for recycling those bags, so bring them back.
  3. When you’re home and watching TV or just relaxing, keep the lights off! We all know you’re too lazy to get up and turn them on anyway. Plus, candles are way sexier.
  4. Even if something isn’t in use (i.e. coffee pot, computer, lamp, etc) it’s still using tiny amounts of electricity. Unplug things when you go to work or school for the day. And don’t you dare say, “That’s so annoying!” Hush. I’m not asking you to scale a mountain!
  5. If it’s plastic, recycle it! Some states only recycle numbers 1-3, but my state recycles ALL plastic (#1-8) Have a bin dedicated to recyclables in your home. (Saves room in your regular trash, too)
  6. Eco-friendly light bulbs really do last forever. Buy some!
  7. Don’t throw batteries away. Actually, in some states, throwing batteries away is illegal. Find a local store that will recycle them.
  8. Donate or recycle old electronics. Or sell the them on Ebay–cash monayyyyy!
  9. Support your local farms! Yes, even in the middle of the city there is some hippy somewhere with a garden open to the public…..did that sound mean? Nah, we love hippies.
  10. Are you a bookworm? Buy a book online and read it on your computer. Or, I personally like to have a book physically in my hand, so I go to my local used book store when purchasing a new paperback.
  11. Print on both sides of paper. You’re saving a tree and it’ll last longer before you have to buy more paper. And after that, recycle your paper!
  12. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. This one my mother has been telling me since I was 4.
  13. When your paycheck permits, try to buy organic. Yes, it costs more, but that’s because many of these farms are in need of more money just to say open!
  14. Sometimes you just need a HOT shower. But, it turns out that not only does it cost more to use hot water, but it’s also bad for your skin. Warm will do just fine.
  15. Cold outside today? Open the blinds, let the sunshine in and put on a sweater! As long as the sweater is not Cosby-esque.  And when it’s hot out, keep the blinds closed and the lights off. The room will be much cooler.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? I’m really starting to think that I could make lists for a living.

I hope some of these tips will stick with you. They’re easy enough and CAN make a difference, no matter how small they seem. Oh, and some of you are saying that your building doesn’t have trash dedicated to recyclables–just find a neighbor who does and in they go!…Just kidding, I don’t condone illegal disposal of recyclables. (or do I….it’s for Mother Earth!)

Keep on reading and keep on keeping on.


Your tree-hugger…the cool kind,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A*A*
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 13:08:41

    Sandra – NEVER stop writing! You’re wonderful at it and I’ve enjoyed your blog soooo very much!

    L, A*A* XOX

  2. Alex C. Williams III
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 23:59:24

    I enjoyed your post about going green! It was clever and some the things you mentioned to do I’m doing already. That means I’m clever LOL! Take care and keep posting.


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