Belated Tribute to Dad

I was going to do my dad blog on Father’s Day, but I was too busy actually spending time with him!  Let’s get this straight right now–I am a daddy’s girl. Growing up, I always wanted to be with him, I always wanted to do what he did and I always loved that he was my dad.

My father is quite the man. He is a man who my friends adore and strangers want to know. He’s smart, quick-witted, and most importantly, funny.  For those of you who do not know him, my father is a 62-year-old Italian stallion, carpenter by trade, fisherman by passion. He’s also who I take after (if you were wondering where I get it from) so, in honor of my father, I’d like to share some memories and musings that I wrote way back when for his 60th birthday roast:

  • Dad is a math whiz. He used to brag about it when I was in elementary school every day, “Need help with your homework?” “No, Dad.” Until one day the  math word problems arrived, which I hated. So I let Dad do this one all by himself.  I handed it in and they were all wrong. (But I never told him.)
  • I was a 7 year-old tomboy when I was complaining of nothing to do, so Dad told me to go outside and dig a hole. And so I did. The next day, I found that he planted a tree in it. Sly old man.
  • Dad bursts into the door, grabs a rifle and is about to exit. He catches my look of confusion, turns to me and says, “Squirrels,” and goes outside with the gun.

You know your dad is old when…

  • You know your dad is old when he was a bus driver for all your friends’ parents.
  • You know your dad is old when his favorite article in the Sunday paper is the obituaries…also known to Dad as the “guess who died column“.
  • You know your dad is old when he never throws away pants because a knife can make them a new pair of shorts.
  • You know your dad is old when he still thinks the coolest toy for kids is a cardboard box. (Well, he’s probably right.)

Some direct quotes by my old man:

  • “You know you’re fat when even pictures of you weigh a lot.”
  • “Spike’s has a hotdog called the Michael Vick…you have to fight it before you can eat it.”
  • “Homie don’t play that no more.”

The thank yous:

  • Thanks Dad, for telling me that I have a face for radio—I wouldn’t have turned out so humble.
  • Thanks Dad for teaching me how to use a bow, shoot a gun, and fish—I wouldn’t have been able to beat up boys.
  • Thanks dad for hiring me when I had no job and we worked at the spa on Rt 6— you actually never paid me for it, but I’ll let it slide.
  • Thanks Dad for being funny—because Mom doesn’t really know any jokes.
  • Thanks Dad for sightly resembling Bill Cosby—because it gives me more reasons to make fun of you.

So whether it’s Father’s Day or just any ordinary day, always remember who raised you, who loves you and who supports you. Fathers, mothers, siblings or even friends. I hope giving you a little glimpse of my family will encourage you to share yours with me. or leave a comment. What’s your best dad-moment?

Keep on smiling, keep on loving and keep on stopping by because you’re always welcome here.

With love,

Alessandra (world-cup-watcher-for-the-next-month) G.



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  1. A*A*
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 13:16:06

    This post was by far one of my favs. Being a parent sometimes has its difficult moments, but having raised children who truly appreciate what you do for them and love you “warts & all”, makes it all worthwhile. Thanks Sandra for being a wonderful daughter, niece, and friend! Love ya’ XOXO

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