Big Bras to Fill

I’ve done my research!..Well, I’d more appropriately label it as 5 minutes of Google searches. But, nonetheless, I’ve researched/accrued various amounts of information about the Lane Bryant Cacique commercial.

Facts first:

  • ABC refused to show the commercial during Dancing with the Stars unless restricting the airtime to the very end of the show.
  • FOX made the commercial go through 3 re-edits and rebuffing before finally allowing it to air at the end of American Idol. (only after Lane Bryant threatened to pull the ad-buy) According to the Inside Curve blog.

The facts end here and Alessandra’s RAGE begins!

So there I was, on the ARC trainer at the gym listening to some sweet Sean Paul and talking to my cousin, when one of the 13 TVs lined up in front of me displayed the most beautiful commercial I have ever seen. The Cacique one of course. I saw this BEAUTIFUL curvy woman smiling and flirting with the camera in her lingerie advertising Cacique and Lane Bryant. What could ruin this moment? Two things: FOX’s O’Reilly and two nimrods talking TRASH about my beautiful commercial!

Now, the argument is that with plus-size models you “get more cleavage”–DUH! And they think that it should not be shown before 9pm. I guess I could somehow understand that ever-so-slightly—oh, wait—NO I CAN’T! And what makes it even worse is that when they pan over to reveal these 2 nimrods who are crapping on my beloved commercial, guess what they look like?! No really, guess!




You’re kidding, right?

So I’m having a panic attack on the ARC trainer at the gym! I have my headphones on so I’m unaware of how loud I am. There was complaining and yelling and there might have been some swearing. My cousin’s trying to calm me down and I’m trying to keep the vein on my temple from popping out.

I eventually calm down after vowing to my cousin that I will have a blog about this!

And here we are. (namaste) The one Yoga class I took taught me one very valuable word: namaste. Very good for a high-tempered Italian. SO! Here’s the commercial:

Watch it! It’s gorgeous, right? And tasteful! I’ve seen more cleave on my sister while she was wearing a t-shirt! I’ve seen 90% of Samantha Jones’ breasts on Sex and the City; and that’s assuming her nipples are a whole 10%. Pfff….”too much cleavage“…have you seen Jennifer Hudson!? Have you seen a Beyoncé video?! The media can’t deny this much longer! Big is back, baby! *BUT let me address that ALL types are beautiful (that means you skinny girls too)…but BIG IS STILL BACK, BABY! Everyone’s been waiting to admit it! All the white boys who were closet-big-girl-likers are coming out! And the media better follow!

Just air the commercial, people! I could’ve been seriously injured at Work out World!

Goodnight, Good morning, and Good riddance,



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DJ
    May 18, 2010 @ 16:33:23

    “Plus Size Model” my ass.

  2. Rikki King
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 21:07:32

    yet they show VS commmercials in the middle of the day, butt cheeks and all.

  3. anwa
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 21:08:38

    I think the only reason the Fox jerks didn’t want the add showing was because their wives yelled at them for staring at the model. 😉

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