Happy Belated Earth Day!

Tell me you all did something for Earth Day!!

I hope you have noticed my tree infested theme to my blog as well. Anyway, I would like to share an epic announcement: I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL! Yes! I made it! The graduation date is set for May 8th. My Bachelor’s degree is in tow. And, ironically enough, my last class ever was spent picking up trash at the Boston Nature Center a day before Earth Day. And that was pretty kick-ass. Well, at the end anyway…

Okay, so I grew up as a big-time tom boy. I would dig holes–for fun, I’d play with insects, and climb enormous trees. My wardrobe consisted of jeans and t-shirts. Who does that!? Me. But that was at least 14 years ago. 14 YEARS, PEOPLE! So, when I had to go pick up trash it was a big LIGHT BULB telling me how much I’ve changed.

We all showed up in “trash-picking attire”. The scrubbiest I got was a pink and black Roxy hoodie with black pants and Punk Rose sneakers.

When we showed up there was trash everrrryywheerrree. So we started daintily bending down, picking up a chip bag, then throwing it in the trash. Then we’d bend down, pick up a bottle cap, throw it in the trash bag. That’s pretty much how the first 10 minutes went. The majority of the class moved forward, sticking to the path, picking up quickly. For me and a few others, we had better eye-sight. This trash has been here for years. What you think is Mother Earth, is really a giant plastic bag that has grown into the ground. So we went to town!

I don’t know what got into me. My first half-hour was efficient, but I was dodging branches and fixing my hair; then if I felt a sweat coming on, I’d take a rest and talk to the girl next to me about buying pants at Torrid. (So overpriced) But something hit me. Maybe it was the inner tom-boy, or my growing love for being ‘Green’, or the moment when my teacher told me that this trash washed down the river from God knows where or when. It could have been MY trash for all I know! But at the moment, I got into Captain Planet mode.

I ventured off alone behind the trail’s barrier. I caught a glimpse of how much trash there was back there because no one could see it. So I zeroed in on my target!

I started in one area, but when I looked ahead, there was MORE! The dainty trash-picking ended here. I was just walking through shrubbery at this point, getting scratched up and holding onto trees to reach trash down near the water. I was going for the kill. I’ve never sang Lil Wayne’s “I’m Going In” more in my entire life. And I filled my trash bag just from those few yards. Go me!

Of course, in the next few weeks the river will just wash more trash to where we had cleaned, but if my teacher can get his classes to do it every semester, that’s a difference!

People, get your hands dirty! Before Earth Day, after Earth Day, ON Earth Day. It felt great. And if this diva can do it, so can you. And I looked damn good doing it.

Save the planet tips coming in a future post*


Boston’s Green Monstah! Alessandra

P.S. Don’t think that I’m not ALL OVER the “Lane Bryant commercial being too risqué for television” OH I’LL BE BACK FOR THAT ONE!


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