Bucket List!

Here is my AMAZING bucket list, as promised!!

THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE: started in 2009

Touch a mail truck. — done

Ride a motorcycle.

Learn Italian.

Travel to:





Meet my relatives in Italy.

Learn a martial art.

Learn the cello.

Do stand-up comedy.

Sell one of my scripts.

Be an actress for something on TV.

Be in a music video. (haha)

Date a(n):




Native American

Blue eyed blonde hair

Go to California — done

Have my own place.

Marry the man that I love. (awwww!)

Have children.

Have my own library of books.

Have a giant closet filled with purses and shoes.

Sing in front of an audience.

Get over my Ostraconophobia. (I hate shellfish!)

Get over my fear of the Creature from the Black Lagoon & ET.

Own a grand piano.

Try Yoga — done

Take Belly-dancing.

Take Salsa lessons.

Write/Publish a book.

Host SNL. (it could happen, people!)

Take singing lessons.

Cook a Thanksgiving meal.

Stay at an Indian Reservation.

Don’t judge me! It’s a beautiful thing to share your bucket list with others. Feel free to send me yours, alessandraspeaks@aim.com

Also, the blog exists at alessandraspeaks.blogspot.com 🙂


Your obsessively compulsive list maker,



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