Where my ladies at?

Today’s thought:
Ladies, if you are in need of a personal boost, no other song makes you feel like the shizz more than “Soldier” by Destiny’s Child. Which is what I’m hearing come out of the minuscule speakers on my mom’s PC. “You better be street if you looking at me…” Pfft, that’s right!

Anyway, onto my blog topic: getting active!
I know, it sounds like a bad presentation that the office is making you go to, but I’m way better to listen to than that nonsense.

I’m graduating this month, so I realized that I have no time for anything exciting! I fall into a repetitive routine: work, school, video shoot, project, gym, and sleeping and eating come last on the list. What is sleep again? I don’t remember. OH, that’s right, it’s that thing that makes the bags under my eyes go away!

OK, I’m getting off topic. GETTING ACTIVE! With the help of my genius, beautiful, incredibly amazing cousin, Lindsey,we got up off our butts and looked for new things to try. So far we’ve done “Hot Yoga”…that’s it. You were probably expecting a list of ten things, sorry. But it’s a start! Hot Yoga is when you do yoga…in 90 degree heat.

So, if you know me, the thought of me trying Yoga is probably hilarious, as it should be…OK, it’s probably funny if you don’t know me as well. (Am I supposed to capitalize Yoga?…nah) So yoga was interesting…

I must say I was pleasantly surprised to even be able to do about 85% of the things I was being taught in the introductory class. In a nutshell: yoga kicked my ass. I’ve never sweat so much in my life. I’ve played soccer for hours in the summer and have not sweat that much. I have fallen asleep in the Trinidadian sun and had less perspiration! But it felt great with the exception of one thing:
I was the only ‘big girl’ in the class and the instructor kept double checking on me because she assumed I’d be the non-flexible fat girl–Yes, I’m being blunt. She would always repeat the “easier” way to do some poses and look directly over to me. Where, of course, she’d find me
already doing the pose correctly, without her ‘easy version’.

I cannot stress enough that being healthy, active, and in-shape, is by no means equal to being skinny.

But, to her defense, the instructor was very nice and paced her class very well. She probably didn’t even notice what she was doing in reference to me.

Bottom line, it was my first time doing yoga, and it was great! After my cousin and I got out, we felt amazing! Not just because of the work-out (trust me, yoga is a work-out) but because we did something new! No matter where you’re from, where you are, or how busy your schedule is, do something out of the ordinary! It’s good for the soul.

Are you a meat-lover? Try a Vegan restaurant! My fave: vegan chicken teriyaki.
Are you a bookworm or movie buff? (like me) Put down your favorite genre and change it up! I always gravitate to the comedies first (surprise) but a good mystery or fantasy gets me moving.

Next on the list for my cousin and I: Zumba: international and Latin dances combined, pole-dancing class, and an in-home photo shoot/fashion show!

Start making your lists!!
And keep reading, because I’m sharing my ‘BUCKET LIST’ on the next post!

Activist and Yoga-instructor-puncher,


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  1. Alexis Tirado
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 11:27:57

    I tried hot yoga once but I was a hot mess doing it! However you seriously inspired me try it again! Have you done Zumba yet? I heard good things about it but I haven’t done it myself! XOXO

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