Watering your Ego

A lot of people tell me that I have a HUGE ego. (Please do not reference this to the Kanye West/Beyonce song, that song sucks). But, naturally I deny this claim. Am I confident? Yes. Do I say things that make me sound egotistical? Yes. But that’s just mostly to get a laugh. I never really thought that the remarks would make such an impact. But when one of your best friends says, “Ya know, Sandra, in 2012 they say that the universe will stop revolving around you and then everyone will just die,” how awesome is that!?

The thought that my ego is what holds the universe together, just makes it grow more. Joke or no joke, my friend’s comment did the opposite. Her clever jesting only made me think that I am that much more important. Obviously, she was trying to take me down a couple notches. Fail.

Now, once again, unlike Kanye West, my ego only benefits me. It is expressed in light fun, not overtly and in bad taste *cough* Kanye *cough*. It’s simple psychology. Think that you’re the greatest long enough, and you will do great things. I’m just waiting for my day to come. And I encourage all of you to do the same. What does a shy person need? Confidence, a voice, and some attitude, AKA an ego. Everyone should take a good dose of each…just remember to be secretly humble.

Until next time,

Alessandra (big head) G.


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