BIG = cool

The best thing that ever happened to me was joining the gym. The happiness isn’t from losing weight, or hot guys.–ok, maybe a little because of hot guys, but the happiness is really because of the people. The gym has every kind of woman, man, kid ever known. Sure, I’ve lost 16 lbs since January, but I’m still big and beautiful. Walking in there to see women of all shapes and sizes makes me feel even sexier because big and beautiful exists! I don’t have to be tortured by only seeing thin bomb-shells thinking “Oh, see, everyone looks like a bomb-shell, why am I a freak of fat nature?”

So when I walk into the gym with my music up real loud, probably playing Telephone; Lady Gaga & Beyonce, and I see my fellow big girls working out, I know that secretly we’re all saying “you go girl!” in our minds. Because we know that being healthy doesn’t mean being skinny, it means being healthy! So cheers to the wonderful ladies whose pant sizes are in the double digits!

And don’t think for a second that the gorgeous meat-heads at the gym don’t like big girls. I see y’all peeking at me and my thick friends. That’s what I’m calling my big ladies now, ‘thick friends’. Oh, my dear Planet Fitness, you are filled with chubby chasers and you don’t even know it. But sometimes the attention catches me off guard. I often turn the heads of ‘men of color’. *Shout out to my sexy Latinos and Jamaicans. But, recently I’ve been getting smiles from these adorable thin white boys!!! I’m like WHAT?!!??! White boys, where did you come from! And then they try to talk to me and I find myself blushing and turning into a babbling weirdo!! This has never happened before! You perplex me, white boys. You just show up out of no where once 2010 hit. Hence, I declare 2010 the year of the White Boys. Bring it on, my little toy soldiers!

I’ll keep you updated,



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