Filmmaker’s Nightmare

I’d like to start off by mentioning that it is my friend RJ Post’s birthday, and the fact that I just clicked the “New Post” button amused me.

Okay, so when I started this blog I swore that I wouldn’t talk about anything mainstream AT ALL, unless it was merely a clever reference. I’m breaking that promise and I haven’t even blogged more than 3 times. This will happen all the time, by the way.
Mainstream topic: the movie Couple’s Retreat. So, IMMEDIATELY upon seeing the first trailer I knew that this was going to be a piece of crap. That was especially disappointing because I LOVE most of the actors in it. But I don’t know what made Universal Pictures think that this copy-cat-of-a-trillion-movies movie was going to be good. FYI: I am well aware that this is NOT a movie review section, so I will sum this up in 5 points to tell you why I hate this movie:
1- The yoga trainer is DIRECTLY taken from the scuba instructor from Along Came Polly.
2- All the guys from the movie, with the exception of Faizon Love, are clones from The Breakup.
3- The fact that the 3 main leading ladies are all white and thin and gorgeous makes me want to vomit.
4- Why does Kristin Davis look like an anorexic old lady?!?! What happened to Charlotte York!?!?!
5- If I see one more movie tie up all their loose ends in a lame, Lifetime, neat manner I will take a sledge hammer to whatever screen I am viewing it on.
No, I do not have anger issues…but I will take anger classes if Jack Nicholson is supervising them (Anger Management shout out).
I’m glad that I could get that off my chest, which is usually impossible; for those that know me also know that my chest is anything but lacking.
*FYI: I’m going to dedicate a future post solely to a short story I wrote a year ago. Be on the look out…apparently it’s entertaining! They had me read it to the public!
Well, that’s all for me.
Stay tuned,

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