I’m here! I have entered into the fabulous and ever-growing world of blogging. Did I join because of peer pressure? Or was it the words of my career advisor? Or was it truly due to (embarrassingly enough) Rihanna’s latest song saying “where the bloggers at”? I don’t know, but I have arrived!

My name is Alessandra. Last names are unnecessary with a first name like that, right? I know what you’re thinking, but no, Alessandra Ambrosio, I am not. Although, in my mind I do look like a Victoria’s Secret model…in my mind. And maybe in the minds of a few old Hispanic men.

Unfortunately for me, or fortunately, my modelesque view of myself radiates towards my exterior. I don’t mean that I look like a model, but I sure as hell act like one. I am your plus size, well-dressed, quick witted, and pro-strutting blogger. And I’m full-blooded Italian! I ask you, does it get any better? The arrogant and preferred answer I’m looking for is no, it does not get any better.

If you’re looking to pass your never-ending web surfing addiction by reading a new, fresh, blunt, and funny take on life, start by adding this blog to your Favorites tab. Bookmark me, people. You cannot deny that you already find me interesting. I am the the Oz…the alpha and omega, this is it, people. You’re drawn to me like vultures to a carcass…that carcass being me. Only a much prettier and more alive carcass…Okay, so I can get carried away. But isn’t that what this is all about?!

I end my introduction by thanking any wonderful human being whose eyes come across my musings. Let’s talk. Let’s read. Let’s blog.



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